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All prices Ex-VAT. Click on the images for an enlarged view




Rolland C22 12.5 Tonne rear discharge muck spreader

2004, 10 stud axle, wide angle PTO, good tidy condition

£9,250 plus vat


Samson 10 tonne vertical beater rear discharge spreader

Wide angle PTO, 600/65 X 34 tyres on 10 stud axle, Slurry door, tidy ex farm condition. 

£7,650 plus vat


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samson-spreader-17a.jpg (91335 bytes)

samson-spreader-29a.jpg (83307 bytes)



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samson-spreader-8a.jpg (70507 bytes)

samson-spreader-21a.jpg (83371 bytes)

samson-spreader-23a.jpg (69605 bytes)


Strimech 9' heavy duty push off buck rake, 

2010 build, very good condition, will accept bolt on loader brackets

£3,250 plus vat

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-10a.jpg (97837 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-5a.jpg (88620 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-7a.jpg (100429 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-9a.jpg (99841 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-3a.jpg (76286 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-1a.jpg (77185 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-6a.jpg (85041 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKEa.jpg (80717 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-4a.jpg (100213 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-2a.jpg (83759 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-8a.jpg (87873 bytes)

STRIMECH-BUCK-RAKE-11a.jpg (87787 bytes)



New NC 2500 Gallon tanker in stock

11,000 litre pump, sprung drawbar, 30.5 x 32 wheels on 10 stud axle, excellent build quality.

One only @ £12,000 plus vat



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IMG_2175A.jpg (67395 bytes)



IMG_2171A.jpg (72837 bytes)

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IMG_2173A.jpg (76430 bytes)

New in stock, NC 314 Tonne dump trailer

With magic tail door, sprung drawbar, 10 mm thick floor, 10 stud axles. 

one only @ £8,300 plus vat





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IMG_2271A.jpg (58019 bytes)

IMG_2269A.jpg (61799 bytes)


IMG_2268A.jpg (68105 bytes)

IMG_2265A.jpg (71482 bytes)

IMG_2267A.jpg (66913 bytes)

IMG_2266A.jpg (58452 bytes)



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IMG_2270A.jpg (72084 bytes)

New NC  Dump Trailers

All sizes available.  

Please email what size and spec you require & we will get you a quote. 





JPM Multi-purpose Dump Trailers

New unused will carry 14 tonne, rocking 10 stud axles with big brakes & slack adjusters, 455/40 x 22.5 tyres, full lighting kit, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailboard which is multi positional to allow loading of digger and tipping out oversize objects. Alloy ramps which store under the body. Really well specked versatile trailers, choice of colors, 

£9,250 plus vat incl. ramps or £8,600 plus vat without ramps.


We also have diggers and trailers available for hire.






jpm-dump-trailer-1a.jpg (70869 bytes)

jpm-dump-trailer-20a.jpg (56150 bytes)

jpm-dump-trailer-3a.jpg (57467 bytes)

jpm-dump-trailer-10a.jpg (76972 bytes)


jpm-dump-trailer-4a.jpg (57367 bytes)

jpm-dump-trailer-7a.jpg (58283 bytes)

jpm-dump-trailer-8a.jpg (75686 bytes)

jpm-dump-trailer-11a.jpg (77092 bytes)

jpm-dump-trailer-6a.jpg (72033 bytes)



jpm-dump-trailer-18a.jpg (78262 bytes)

jpm-dump-trailer-5a.jpg (74932 bytes)

jpm-dump-trailer-15a.jpg (84553 bytes)

jpm-dump-trailer-12a.jpg (73738 bytes)

JPM Multi-purpose Dump Trailers

New unused will carry 14 tonne, rocking 10 stud axles with big brakes & slack adjusters, 455/40 x 22.5 tyres, full lighting kit, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailboard which is multi positional to allow loading of digger and tipping out oversize objects. Alloy ramps which store under the body. Really well specked versatile trailers, choice of colors.

£9,250 plus vat incl. ramps or £8,600 plus vat without ramps.


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IMG_2105a.jpg (73216 bytes)

IMG_2098a.jpg (71403 bytes)

IMG_2104a.jpg (65716 bytes)

IMG_2103a.jpg (72548 bytes)

IMG_2106a.jpg (74779 bytes)

IMG_2099a.jpg (77175 bytes)

IMG_2100a.jpg (55081 bytes)

IMG_2101a.jpg (53935 bytes)



    New Fleming Trailers

New Fleming 4 & 6 tonne single axle and 8 tonne tandem axle tipping trailers in stock. 

Fitted with hydraulic brakes, drop sides and lights.  





Kuhn 8702 Tedder

2011 year Kuhn 8 rotor tedder 8.7 metre working width, very clean owner operated 

£8,500 ono plus vat

for more details phone Michael 07973659927


IMG_2639a.jpg (81332 bytes)

IMG_2635a.jpg (100043 bytes)

IMG_2636a.jpg (92373 bytes)



IMG_2622a.jpg (91542 bytes)

IMG_2629a.jpg (82948 bytes)


IMG_2625a.jpg (69423 bytes)

IMG_2628a.jpg (93999 bytes)

IMG_2632a.jpg (75805 bytes)

Kuhn GF 642

2012 six rotor tedder,  6.4 mtr working width, comes with centre wheel guards, in superb condition having done very little work. 

Our own machine from new. 

£6,000 Plus vat


Kuhn-GF-642m.jpg (101349 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642b.jpg (89612 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642c.jpg (82493 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642i.jpg (98131 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642h.jpg (93564 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642d.jpg (100931 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642a.jpg (74789 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642g.jpg (93239 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642l.jpg (97183 bytes)



Kuhn-GF-642f.jpg (78260 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642e.jpg (47250 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642j.jpg (71965 bytes)

Kuhn-GF-642k.jpg (99308 bytes)

Haybob 300 & 200 Gates (New)
Haybob gates 

£120 per pair



IMG_2129a.jpg (67342 bytes)



IMG_2127a.jpg (78020 bytes)



IMG_2128a.jpg (68731 bytes)





Frazer MS 700 Rotaspreader

Nice tidy machine in sound condition

£2,350 Plus VAT




Ace Marston 5.5 CU Spreader
Good chains , hydraulic lid , new pto shaft , tidy spreader ready to go 

£1,650 plus vat



muckspreaderi.jpg (65276 bytes)

muckspreaderd.jpg (87291 bytes)

muckspreaderh.jpg (65724 bytes)



muckspreaderb.jpg (84705 bytes)

muckspreaderc.jpg (89176 bytes)

muckspreadere.jpg (74396 bytes)

muckspreaderf.jpg (67366 bytes)

muckspreaderg.jpg (74857 bytes)

muckspreadera.jpg (92070 bytes)

Fleming Heavy Duty Galvanized Slurry Scraper

A frame built in and rubber is Heavy molded type. 

£625 plus vat


FLEMING-GALV-SCRAPER-3a.jpg (70285 bytes) FLEMING-GALV-SCRAPER-2a.jpg (65911 bytes)

FLEMING-GALV-SCRAPER-4a.jpg (80241 bytes)

FLEMING-GALV-SCRAPERa.jpg (78004 bytes)



FLEMING-GALV-SCRAPER-1a.jpg (72577 bytes)    
JCB Bonnet

To fit JCB 530/531 Teleporters up to JCB 540-170 side engine machines .

625 plus vat


  IMG_2997a.jpg (53665 bytes)      
Manitou pallet forks



IMG_2338a.jpg (94897 bytes)

IMG_2336a.jpg (94782 bytes)



IMG_2334a.jpg (99010 bytes) IMG_2335a.jpg (92549 bytes)

IMG_2337a.jpg (95071 bytes)

Manitou Carriage

To suit JCB 530/70, hydraulic locking, it has been welded up and does require some tidying up

£350 as it is.


IMG_2333a.jpg (109042 bytes) IMG_2332a.jpg (100231 bytes)

IMG_2330a.jpg (91798 bytes)



IMG_2331a.jpg (92157 bytes)    
Hydraulic Kerb Grab

For mini digger, unused




IMG_2365a.jpg (101944 bytes) IMG_2367a.jpg (88878 bytes)

IMG_2366a.jpg (93285 bytes)



IMG_2364a.jpg (106554 bytes)    
Albutt C576 HXG Grabs

In stock, Hardox tines with JCB and other brackets available, 7'6" wide

£2,600 plus vat  



IMG_1581a.jpg (86247 bytes)

IMG_1579a.jpg (83217 bytes)

IMG_1582a.jpg (88441 bytes)

IMG_1583a.jpg (53122 bytes)


IMG_1578a.jpg (84169 bytes)

IMG_1580a.jpg (86188 bytes)



Cherry Products Muck Grab

With Hardox tines on the bottom, fitted with Volvo / JCB Q fit brackets, good strong grab

£1,500 plus vat





New Slewtic Loader Buckets with brackets

To suit most machines, JCB, MERLO, MANITOU etc.  Very well made, proper bucket leading edge, CE marked.

38, 50 & 70 cubic foot capacities in stock, other sizes to order, delivery to UK mainland no problem.


Cone & Pin Bucket

Shop soiled new, cone & pin brackets 80 ins wide

£600 plus vat



IMG_2072a.jpg (60920 bytes)

IMG_2068a.jpg (59161 bytes)

IMG_2073a.jpg (42366 bytes) IMG_2069a.jpg (67346 bytes)

IMG_2071a.jpg (67097 bytes)



ALO Loader Bucket

With Euro hooks, 6’ wide / 1.85 metres new condition

£550 plus VAT




JCB 801 Bucket

18" good used



IMG_2378a.jpg (97176 bytes) IMG_2377a.jpg (100328 bytes)

IMG_2375a.jpg (104642 bytes)



IMG_2376a.jpg (104655 bytes)    
JCB 801 Bucket

24" wide, unused, suit most 1.5 tonne JCB Mini diggers 



IMG_2357a.jpg (96832 bytes) IMG_2358a.jpg (102688 bytes)

IMG_2360a.jpg (56709 bytes)



IMG_2359a.jpg (74683 bytes)    
Selection of skid steer buckets

Please phone for size availability and price.


-skid-bucketl.jpg (77548 bytes)

-skid-buckete.jpg (72452 bytes)

-skid-bucketd.jpg (71528 bytes)

-skid-bucketf.jpg (81612 bytes)


-skid-bucketi.jpg (74137 bytes)

-skid-bucketb.jpg (50004 bytes)

2-mtr-skid-bucket.jpg (55893 bytes)

-skid-bucketh.jpg (42285 bytes)

-skid-bucketj.jpg (84466 bytes)



-skid-bucketg.jpg (71843 bytes)

2-mtr-skid-bucketa.jpg (74957 bytes)

-skid-bucketc.jpg (67513 bytes)

-skid-bucketk.jpg (88496 bytes)

Various unused Cat buckets

£100 each


IMG_2383a.jpg (65103 bytes) IMG_2390a.jpg (78335 bytes) IMG_2388a.jpg (80801 bytes)    
Yanmar 24" Digging Bucket

38 mm pins 



IMG_2382a.jpg (99524 bytes) IMG_2379a.jpg (86438 bytes)

IMG_2381a.jpg (102798 bytes)



IMG_2380a.jpg (90689 bytes)    
Takeuchi TB 125 Buckets

18" & 30 " unused

£125 each


IMG_2371a.jpg (88683 bytes) IMG_2370a.jpg (91512 bytes)

IMG_2369a.jpg (96747 bytes)



IMG_2368a.jpg (95099 bytes)    
JCB 801 Bucket

12", very good used condition



IMG_2363A.jpg (93416 bytes) IMG_2361a.jpg (103642 bytes)



IMG_2362a.jpg (94913 bytes)    
    Four in one bucket

With JCB Q Fit brackets, 7'62 wide, very tidy 

£1,750 plus vat


jcb-4-in-1-4z.jpg (91753 bytes)

jcb-4-in-1-3z.jpg (101459 bytes)

jcb-4-in-1-2z.jpg (142292 bytes)



jcb-4-in-1-1z.jpg (148917 bytes)


Selection of very good buckets to suit JCB JZ 70



    New and used Buckets

To suit most diggers. Please phone or fax/email sizes required, boom width, pin diameter and pin centres.







Strimech bale spike

With JCB tool carrier brackets, shop soiled old stock. 



IMG_2273a.jpg (69615 bytes)

IMG_2275a.jpg (77753 bytes)

IMG_2277a.jpg (100337 bytes)

IMG_2276a.jpg (76433 bytes)



IMG_2272a.jpg (63713 bytes)

IMG_2274a.jpg (53075 bytes)

Low Loader Axles

Good heavy duty used 10 stud commercial, several available @ £200 each plus vat


Also mini super singles available or twin wheels, POA.



Axles-a.jpg (131436 bytes) Axles-c.jpg (106988 bytes)

Axles-b.jpg (134340 bytes)



Axles-d.jpg (118410 bytes)    
Dromone pick up hitch

To suit Massey Ferguson 590 / 575 /565 / 290 etc. Very strong and fits to the original drawbar frame and uses the original drawbar and pick up hook.  

£200 plus vat



JCB Pick Up Hitch Kit

To suit 530/70 and 531/70, complete kit.

£1,275 plus vat




Disc Plough

With 3 discs & depth wheel. 

£1,000 plus vat






Fleming 12' end Tow Rollers

In stock, easy to change from road transport to rolling position, can be towed from field to field full of water, 12' rolling width and approx 7' transport width. 

£3,850 plus vat




New Fleming 6' Semi Offset Toppers

In stock @ POA



    Fleming 9' Inline Topper

New in stock @ POA



Primex 20' Lagoon Mixer

In stock with pto

£1,650 plus vat


Primex 17' Lagoon Mixer

New in stock

£1,575 plus vat


Primex 15' Lagoon Mixer

New in stock.

£1,495 plus vat



Kellquip 15’ Slurry Lagoon Mixer

New galvanised with bolt on type propeller, C/W PTO, hydraulic top link.

One only @ £1,350 plus vat




Invicta 5000 kg Lifting Hook

To suit fork lift or loadall fits on to pallet tines. 

£250 plus vat


Weight block

To  suit Ford / New Holland 40 series, TS / TM ETC. which will accept newer type fan weights, fixing bolts are included. 

£175 plus vat 


Ford New Holland Weights

To suit 10 & 40 series tractors 

£30 each plus vat


New reel to suit 300 Haybobs

£225 plus vat




New PTO shaft

With 900 N.Mtr slip clutch

Suit haybob / centipede etc, 1650 MM   

£170 plus vat







McHale Round Bale Handler

For wrapped bales or remove the rollers to spike 2 round bales or 1 square bale.  

In stock with euro hooks fitted @  £775

Delivery on pallet to UK mainland @ extra cost available, please let us know your postcode for a price. 


New MEC 8000 Vacuum Pumps

In stock

£760 plus vat

Delivery no problem, please phone or email your postcode for a carriage cost.


Pallet forks in stock

New or used, backplates with brackets available. 



McHale Soft Hands Bale Handler

With Euro hooks fitted, ready to go @ £875 plus vat.





McHale 'Soft Hands' Round Bale Handler

Bolt on brackets available for most machines available





Nugent Round Bale Handler

Rollers detach to leave spikes for spearing round or square bales, new unused.

One only @ £625 plus VAT



McHale Round Bale Handler

For wrapped bales or remove the rollers to spike 2 round bales or 1 square bale. 

Bolt on brackets available for most machines available.

In stock 

£700 each




    ATV Spot Sprayers 

New  95 litre 12 volt sprayers in stock, 3.8 & 7.7 litre pumps available and selection of boom kits & boomless nozzles.

Prices from £150



Bolland Bale Handler

With JCB Q Fit brackets, adjustable length and will handle round or square bales

£875 plus vat. (pipes can be supplied at extra cost))




Bolland Bale Handler

Without brackets, adjustable length and will handle round or square bales

£800 plus vat. 

Hydraulic pipes and weld on brackets can be supplied at extra cost.




    New Twin Bale Carriers

to fit 3 point links.






    Single Bale Carrier

for 3 point linkage







Fleming tipping transport boxes

In stock 4'  5' & 6' 

Please phone for prices




    Fleming heavy duty "Big Blue" Yard Scraper

7' wide,  20'' deep rubber blade, reversible (cord pull)




Fleming "Flexy all rubber scraper" 

Width adjustable and comes with built in A frame.



    Large selection of new and used Wheels and Tyres

Most makes quoted for


    Alloy loading ramps

3.5 metres long 

£850 a pair plus vat

rampsa.jpg (54687 bytes)

rampsb.jpg (45692 bytes)

rampse.jpg (64825 bytes) rampsc.jpg (55488 bytes)

rampsd.jpg (42713 bytes)





Important Notice,-  Any hours / mileage readings showing on any machines cannot be verified as correct unless we specify in writing. Also any hours showing on machines in our adverts may have increased since time of placing advert due to machines being used or hired out.